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Important Notice & Instructions!

Use this site ONLY if you meet the criteria below:

1. You are a “covered DoD official” who served in one of the following positions within the 2-year period prior to your departure from DoD.

a) Executive Schedule, SES, or GO/FO who participated personally and substantially in an acquisition valued in excess of $10 million;


b) Program manager or deputy program manager for an acquisition program; procuring contracting officer; administrative contracting officer; source selection authority; member of the source selection evaluation board; or chief of a financial or technical evaluation team for a contract in excess of $10 million.


2. You have a tentative offer of employment or compensation from a defense contractor to perform specific duties for that contractor within 2 years of leaving DoD.

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If you do not meet this criteria, do NOT submit a request in this system. Your request will be rejected from AGEAR. Note that you may still require post-employment advice outside of this system. Check with your local ethics counsel.