SmartCard FAQs
  1. I recently received a new SmartCard, CAC (Common Access Card) or PIV (Personal Identity Verification). Which certificate should I pick?
  2. Since new certificates are on the new SmartCard you need to publish these certificates to your PC.
    1. Contact your desktop support to clear out the users old certs on the PC and publish the new certificates.
    2. Once the old certificates have been removed, close all browser windows and try to log in to FDM once more..
    3. Army users only: register your new SmartCard with AKO, Login with your AKO user name & password.
    4. Always pick the highest numbered one (or one that has not expired). Highlight a certificate and click "View Certificate" to see if it is current or has expired. Pick an unexpired one and enter your PIN.

  3. [Army Users Only]
    How do I add SmartCard access to FDM? I already have access using my AKO user name and password. How do I add access to FDM using my SmartCard?
    1. Login with your AKO user name/password and go to the My Info | My Profile tab.
    2. Click the EDIT LOGINS button.
    3. Click ADD LOGIN CREDENTIALS button, just above the words Credential Service Provider in the table.
    4. Select the appropriate agency name/directory from the Credential Service Provider list. Follow the prompts, and then click ADD
    5. Run and allow scripts if asked by clicking OK. If an error messages display, click OK.
    6. Select the certificate that is not associated with your e-mail and click OK. 
    7. Confirm that you want to add the new identity to your login credentials.
    8. Log out of FDM and then log back in to FDM using either established login credential.

  4. I tried using my SmartCard to access FDM but it does not work. What should I do next?
    • After three unsuccessful tries within 30 minutes you have locked your Smart Card access to FDM. You must wait at least 30 minutes before trying access FDM again. Be sure to close all open browser windows. When ready, open a new browser window.
    • Click Tools > Internet Options > Content. Click Clear SSL State; Click OK
    • Go to the FDM site and try to log in again.
    • FDM Help Desk: (443) 861-8247 or DSN: 848-8247