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Why use FDM?
  • The FDM web application helps filers prepare the annually required financial disclosure reports by guiding the filer through entering reportable financial information. FDM simplifies financial disclosure report preparation, saving time and eliminating common errors by transforming an error-prone, tedious paper process into a more accurate, streamlined automated process.
  • FDM is easy to use - incumbent filers may pre-populate each new report with information from the report of the previous year, eliminating the need to retype information reported again. FDM continuously monitors the data entered, "flagging" missing or erroneous items. Answers to context-sensitive common questions are readily available with a single click.
  • Filers may prepare the report themselves or may appoint assistants to enter the financial information. Filers submit their reports online using an electronic or digital signature. Reviewers (supervisors and ethics counselors) review online and they electronically sign the report.
  • Filer submission and reviewer approval trigger email notifications to facilitate the process. FDM's electronic signature technology eliminates the need to print, physically sign and route the report.