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  • Rule: Executive Branch Financial Disclosure, Qualified Trusts, and Certificates of Divestiture, 5 C.F.R. Part 2634
  • Extensions: Check your agency delegations to see who may grant extensions. See Extensions for general information on extensions including, combat zone and national emergency extensions. (Dec 2010)
  • Glossary
  • FDM Filer and Org Unit Registration Spreadsheet
    This spreadsheet is for legal office staff and organizational POCs to manage and organize filers for FDM registration. Legal office staff may find it helpful to distribute the spreadsheet so organization POCs can provide the required information on filers and their supervisors. Group filers in a named organization that corresponds to a specific reviewing supervisor. Instructions are included on the Instructions tab of the spreadsheet.
    Note: DoD Users Only: Use AKO e-mail addresses for Army. For non-Army personnel you need the CAC-embedded e-mail address. Often you can see that in a digitally signed e-mail from them or in your local directory by checking e-mail properties.

OGE 278e

OGE 450