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Point of Contact (POC) Role Information

Point of Contact (POC) role:  As a POC you manage your organization’s OGE 450 filers in FDM performing many important administrative functions to ensure financial reports are filed properly. You:
  • add new and remove departed OGE 450 Filers,
  • add new Supervisors, replacing the departed Supervisor,
  • add, remove or edit Organizational data, and
  • may notify and “remind” OGE 450 Filers and their Supervisors of the filing season and deadlines,
  • may also record annual ethics training for their filers.

Get Started:
  • Download and review the 2018 POC User Guide for additional information on POC responsibilities within FDM.

How do I . . .

Register Filers on the Admin | Filers tab in an existing Org Unit associated with the Filer’s Supervisor (or, add a new Org Unit first if needed). Remember when registering OGE 450 Filers after 1 January be sure to “assign” the report (either New Entrant or Annual) and notify the Filer to eFile. 

Seeing Registered Filers: Go to Admin | Filers to see Filers in organizations where you have the POC role.  Select the “Show My Filers” to see all your Filers in Org Units where you are the POC.  Click the Retrieve Filers button to display the list of filers. Use “SELECT Next Level Down” to display Filers in a particular subordinate org unit.

Get Help
Contact the ethics official who added you to FDM of the FDM Program Management Office for more information or guidance. Browse the FDM Resources area for more information.

Last reviewed/updated on 10/25/2018

ADVISORY - With the release of FDM 8.7 IE 11 is no longer a recommended browser. Please use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

FDM may be unavailable Sundays, 6:00 to 8:00 pm Eastern time due to recurring DISA maintenance
New Entrant reports due 30 days after appointment date
OGE 450s:
  • Annual OGE 450s are due 15 February 2024
  • Contact your Ethics Counselor for assistance or if you need an extension.
OGE 278s:
  • DoD OGE 278 filers submit their reports in Integrity.gov. Questions should be submitted to their Agency Ethics Officials.
Do you need an extension?
Ethics officials may grant an extension for good cause. Contact your Ethics official to request an extension.
See more information on extensions