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Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) is a secure, restricted access program for electronic filing (eFiling), reviewing, and storing required financial disclosure reports (OGE 278, Public Financial Disclosure Report; OGE 450, Confidential Financial Disclosure Report).

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When is my report due?
Unless you obtain an extension from your Ethics Counselor, your report is due as shown:

  • New Entrant reports are due within 30 days of assuming a covered position (or the date your Supervisor informs you that a change in duties now requires you to file).
  • Annual OGE 450: 15 Feb (unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, then next business day)
  • Incumbent OGE 278: 15 May (unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, then next business day)
  • Termination* or combination Incumbent/Termination: not later than 30 days after your Termination date.

*No Termination report is required if you are going to another 278 position within 30 days of leaving the current position.

How does FDM protect my information and privacy?

How do I file using FDM?
Login and go on the My Reports tab to start an assigned report. 
Watch a short video on filing an OGE 450
Watch a short video on filing an OGE 278

View or print a quick references on filing in FDM:

Key Features for Filers

Who can answer questions about my report?
Contact your Ethics Counselor or Supervisor.  If you are not sure who that is, login to FDM and go on the My Info | My Profile tab.  Click on the Org Unit shown to see who FDM has as your Supervisor and Ethics Counselor (450 Certifier for OGE 450 Filers; SLC role for 278 Filers). Click on the name for an email address for that user.

How do I print my report?
  • On the My Reports | Reports List tab click View for the report you want to print.
  • Click on the View/Print tab, then click View/Print to display your report.
  • Click File, Print (or the Print icon) in your Browser Window menu to print your report.

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Last reviewed/updated on 06/19/2018

ADVISORY - FDM may be unavailable Sundays, 6:00 to 8:00 pm Eastern time due to recurring DISA maintenance
New Entrant reports due 30 days after appointment date
OGE 450s:
  • Annual OGE 450s are due 15 February 2019
  • Contact your Ethics Counselor for assistance or if you need an extension.
OGE 278s:
Do you need an extension?
Ethics officials may grant an extension for good cause. Contact your Ethics official to request an extension.
See more information on extensions